Phoebe Quinn is a London-based fiction writer from the north of England. Her first writing memory is an attempt at an epic novel, aged six, which began “once a pon a time” and pretty much stopped there. She has improved since then.

By day she works in social care, by night she does anything she can to avoid the washing up — sometimes this involves writing.

When she isn’t writing, she is likely to be found reading, pratting about online, escaping London for anywhere with a massive hill to hike up, or consuming enough caffeine that more than one doctor has said she needs to stop.

She is releasing a collection of short stories in Autumn 2016 (date TBA), with a working title of Forever And Ever, Until 12 O’Clock.

Follow her on Twitter: @_phoebe_quinn and Instagram: @_phoebe_quinn, or just say hello: phoebequinnwriting@gmail.com.