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Review: Lily & The Octopus by Steven Rowley

This review does not contain spoilers but may indirectly refer to some events contained within the novel There was another Phoebe. A long-haired miniature dachshund who came to live with my family when I was thirteen, who died almost three years... Continue Reading →

Review: The Mandibles: A Family, 2029-2047 (Lionel Shriver)

There’s a danger to hero-worship, as I have ranted about in a previous post, and I am dangerously close to it with Lionel Shriver. I picked up We Need To Talk About Kevin as a grumpy, disillusioned teenager who spent... Continue Reading →

Friday Reads: 8th April 2016

Spring has sprung! What happiness, what joy. I’ve even planted flowers and chillis in pots on the windowsill in front of my flat, because it would be nice to see something bright and cheery every time I leave or come... Continue Reading →

I don’t own the books I love

... Well, I don’t own the books I love any more. At the risk of losing a few readers: I’m a spine-snapper. A page-folder. A throw-it-in-your-bag-with-reckless-abandoner. My books are used to the point where, at some indeterminable time, they become unusable.... Continue Reading →

Review: On Writing by Stephen King

I mentioned that I was reading this in my Friday reads last week, and I also mentioned that I am not generally a fan of writing guides. That may be because I've not read many; I'm of the school of... Continue Reading →

Friday Reads: 29th January 2016

Just started: Sharp Objects (Gillian Flynn) I needed some good bath-time fiction* and happened to have this lying around from when a friend lent me three Gillian Flynn books a while back. Gone Girl was entertaining enough, although I wasn't... Continue Reading →

Then We Came To The End (Joshua Ferris)

It's been an eventful week. I managed to land myself a job, at long last – I finished a Masters course last month and have been in that post-university-pre-employment limbo for around six weeks, but I should be in the... Continue Reading →

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