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Five Things I’ve Learned: Friday 15th April

In the first of what I hope will be fortnightly instalments (#4 on this list should qualify that ‘hope’) I will be writing about - well, as it says, five things I’ve learned. About the writing process, about the bumpy road... Continue Reading →

Friday Reads: 8th April 2016

Spring has sprung! What happiness, what joy. I’ve even planted flowers and chillis in pots on the windowsill in front of my flat, because it would be nice to see something bright and cheery every time I leave or come... Continue Reading →

I don’t own the books I love

... Well, I don’t own the books I love any more. At the risk of losing a few readers: I’m a spine-snapper. A page-folder. A throw-it-in-your-bag-with-reckless-abandoner. My books are used to the point where, at some indeterminable time, they become unusable.... Continue Reading →

The ‘Everyone Else’ Syndrome, or, I probably don’t know a thing

I don’t like Jane Austen’s books. As a twentysomething English female, I am probably betraying several aspects of my heritage by admitting this, but I just can’t get into it. Nor Hardy, Dickens, Byron; any of the classic A-level texts... Continue Reading →

Friday Reads: 11th March 2016

Erm… so it’s been a while since my last one of these. Oops. Never mind! It’s back now! Onwards! With a little less enthusiasm!   Just started: TBC So I went to the bookshop yesterday and maaay have dropped an... Continue Reading →

I still don’t have telekinetic powers

When I was a kid, I was convinced that I could move the world with my eyes. (It was no coincidence that, a few years later, my favourite children’s book would be Matilda by Roald Dahl.) Of course, things never actually... Continue Reading →

Chronicles of Cringe: 15 year-old Phoebe does fanfiction

A couple of months ago, a group chat between two of my oldest friends turned to a joint email account we used to have. Back at school, we used to be part of a group of six who all went... Continue Reading →

The loss of pizza

This is not, by any stretch, my best writing, but I don't know how else to say it. Apparently I've had depression before, but I wasn't aware of it until I went to the doctor asking to be signed off... Continue Reading →

Review: On Writing by Stephen King

I mentioned that I was reading this in my Friday reads last week, and I also mentioned that I am not generally a fan of writing guides. That may be because I've not read many; I'm of the school of... Continue Reading →

Friday Reads: 29th January 2016

Just started: Sharp Objects (Gillian Flynn) I needed some good bath-time fiction* and happened to have this lying around from when a friend lent me three Gillian Flynn books a while back. Gone Girl was entertaining enough, although I wasn't... Continue Reading →

Returning to writing, or, realising the obvious

It’s been a while, and really I have no excuses. Not that anyone will have noticed, with my paltry if not non-existent readership, but I've noticed and that also matters. So I've revamped: taken on a new pseudonym that matches... Continue Reading →

Then We Came To The End (Joshua Ferris)

It's been an eventful week. I managed to land myself a job, at long last – I finished a Masters course last month and have been in that post-university-pre-employment limbo for around six weeks, but I should be in the... Continue Reading →

Short Story Sunday: A Letter Opener

This was written for a (sadly now defunct) podcast that some of my writer friends ran, called One Hour Stories. The challenge was quite simple: you had one hour to write a story on a given theme. You could edit... Continue Reading →

Achy hand vs. repetitive strain injury

I know it's not Wednesday, but this is something I've been considering a lot this week. I'm just about the age where I can't remember a time without computers, but I do remember a time where they weren't in every... Continue Reading →

Making it official, and therefore terrifying

Either from my measly post count or my dribble of Twitter followers, you may have noticed I'm a bit new to this. I'm not new to writing or blogging -- I'm sure there's a digital graveyard somewhere dedicated to plethora... Continue Reading →

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